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Category:HWeb Mobile Devices

Terminal Host Upload


Subject: Hweb Terminal Host Data Upload


 Summary: This document outlines the procedure to upload reservations at the end of an Agent’s or Driver’s shift. This procedure is a safeguard in case the reservation imports fail at any point during the User’s shift.


 Currently all reservation files are stored in the Mobile Ticketing unit for thirty days and all user logs are stored for seven days. There are three different sources which couldĀ  potentially be used to upload the data.



<!—[if !supportLists]—>1. <!—[endif]—>Bridge: listening on a port for incoming data which transfers the data over a cellular connection ,

<!—[if !supportLists]—>2. <!—[endif]—> FTP: (available for WiFi units only)

<!—[if !supportLists]—>3. <!—[endif]—>Serial Cable: Data can be transferred to the Hudson Local System using the HWeb Terminal Host program. The Hweb Terminal Host can be located in the Shortcuts folder of the Hudson directory (or downloaded from MISC folder of the standard HWeb software FTP site.


 Below provides an example of how to access and upload reservation data using the upload source HWeb Bridge. This process could take up to an hour; Please leave the unit turned on and plugged in until the process is completed.




<!—[if !supportLists]—>1.) <!—[endif]—>Log in with your provided userID

<!—[if !supportLists]—>2.) <!—[endif]—>From the main menu, press 4 for admin tools

<!—[if !supportLists]—>3.) <!—[endif]—>From the Admin Menu, press 1 to upload information

<!—[if !supportLists]—>4.) <!—[endif]—>From the Upload Source Menu, press 1 to upload the data.

<!—[if !supportLists]—>5.) <!—[endif]—>The unit will connect to the wireless network. You will then see the Upload Bridge Menu. Press 1 for all reservations.


When the process is complete, the following information will be displayed

 Status > Success 5 > Failed 0 > Total 5

If failed shows anything other then 0, it is recommended that you inform your Support team and they should contact Hudson.


Clients that are running the Hudson Local software now have the ability to lookup all reservations and shifts in the HWeb Agent, Dispatcher, or Administrator programs where they can use a series of grids and reports to view the specified criteria.




<!—[if mso & !supportInlineShapes & supportFields]> SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT                                                




Success 2

Failed 0

Total 2

<!—[endif]—><!—[if mso & !supportInlineShapes & supportFields]>

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