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View Ticket Management for Hudson Clients

Category:New Users - Start Here!

How to make use of Hudson’s Client Portal and Ticket System

**********TEST ARTICLE - PROCESS NOT IN PLACE YET*************

Effective 5/##/2017 Hudson is pleased to announce an improved process that will allow Hudson clients to submit and track their requests for routine support. This process will give you the ability to directly interact with Hudson’s Ticket Tracker system; used to manage and resolve client requests for technical support. This new system permits you to:

  • Submit Tech Support Requests
  • Monitor updates and progress on submitted items
  • Update your tickets with additional information
  • Communicate with the technician(s) working on your items

Log in and give it a try!

Visit the Hudson Group Website at and then select Client Assistance -> Client Portal. This is where you will be able to login with your approved account credentials and start the process.

Why the new way of doing things?

Any support request that comes in via email or phone, directly to a support technician runs the risk of getting lost, or being missed. If a technician is away from his/her desk, on vacation, or at a client site, then the request can go for hours or days before it is seen and attended to (and that would be bad). Using the process above ensures that ALL support items are seen by our support “Dispatcher” and assigned immediately to an internal resource; both available and knowledgeable about the reported issue.

Is it an Emergency?

When you have a question and want the answer quickly, everything can seem like an ‘emergency’ to you. Given the nature and volume of support requests that come to us over days and weeks, we would like to clarify for you what Hudson defines as an ‘emergency’ and responds to accordingly:

  1. System Down - Cannot login to Hudson servers or launch Hudson applications
  2. Communications Down - Bridge is down, locked, frozen or VMDT devices won’t connect to system
  3. Payment System Down - Cannot process credit card payments
  4. Web Site Down - Hudson hosted marketing site or web reservation site down, offline, non-operational

As you can see, the above are business ‘blockers’ - things that keep you from being able to conduct business. These items will always be treated with the highest priority and urgency, to the exclusion of every other current or pending support request. When you have any emergency such as the above, you SHOULD NOT SUBMIT A TICKET but should instead call the Hudson Emergency line by dialing 978.531.1115 -  24 hours daily and then selecting the option for Emergency Support.

Please don’t be hurt…

If you contact our emergency line for an item that really is not a true business ‘blocker’ or emergency as outlined above, the on-call technician will log your call and open a general support ticket on your behalf. That item will then be assigned for internal review during normal business hours.

Calling & Emailing us

In the past, clients have picked up the phone and called support technicians directly or sent them a direct email to ask questions or report concerns. While that worked in the past, it now results in a lot of delays in getting items resolved. You may continue to contact technicians in this way but you should also expect longer wait times for technician availability and should realize that if you are communicating with a single technician, then the remainder of the support team will likely be less well informed on those support items currently being addressed by your technician.