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View Time Zone Offset

Category:Hosted Accounts

How to Configure the Bridge for Different Time Zone


***This content intended primarily for Hudson TechSupport staff***

In order to get a Bridge to download reservations and display the correct ReservationTOD, download TOD, etc. the Bridge needs to be configured with an Offset value that tells it the current time, relative to GMT.  This offset value is configured in the hweb.ini file that the Bridge launches from. Please see below for how to setup and configure this offset:

This content from the Hudson Release Tracker:


Modify date based filter tokens (%TODAY%,%TODAYO% ...) to account for the customer’s time zone. The customer’s time zone offset from GMT must be configured otherwise the offsets are obtained from windows.

This value is the time zone as the difference from GMT time (GMT-difference). The difference for standard and daylight savings must be included in the format STD,DST.

For example:
Eastern = 5,4
Central = 6,5
Mountain = 7,6
Pacific = 8,7
Hawaii = 10,10
Central european = -1,-2

If this value is not configured, the difference from GMT is obtained from Windows.

To get the time zone offsets go to: