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View Title Fonts in a Dispatcher Grid Turn all Purple

Category:HWeb Dispatcher

Title Fonts in a Dispatcher Grid Turn all Purple

Effective with the introduction of HWeb version 1.88 and later, if a dispatcher grid has not been "optimized," the column headers across the grid will all turn purple (instead of the customary black) color. 

To turn on optimization, 

  • Right mouse on any one of the column headings
  • Select Grid Properties
  • Locate the Query Optimization field and change it to Automatic.
  • Resave the grid with the new optimization change.

Optimization: The fine print
When you create or open a grid in the Dispatcher application, you are calling into memory all fields and all details for the reservations or trips being viewed. You may in reality though only be displaying a select few columns/fields from the database, such as:  ResID, Name, PickupDate, etc, even though there are over 100 other fields with data, hidden in the background, that are not displayed in the grid. When you turn optimization on, you are telling the application to go into the database and only extract for viewing, those fields that are displayed in the grid window. This conserves system and database resources and allows applications to run more quickly and efficiently.