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View Tokens for Extra Stops

Category:File Layouts
Category:HWeb Agent

Extra Stops Tokens Used in Confirmations


Extra stops are mainly used for private trips that require the vehicle to make an additional stop for the primary reservation.
This text may be inserted into confirmation templates. Extra stops, if they exist in the reservation, will be displayed.

Below is an example of how extra stops may be displayed:


_PD1_ %PD12% %PD14% %PD15% %PD16%

_PD2_ %PD22% %PD24% %PD25% %PD26%

_PD3_ %PD32% %PD34% %PD35% %PD36%

_PD4_ %PD42% %PD44% %PD45% %PD46% _PDX_


In this example the possibility of 4 additional stops can be displayed, reading from left to right the following would be displayed; the number of passengers at extra stop, the contact name at extra stop, the address of the extra stop and comments for the extra stop.

%PDn1% - Displays the extra stop indicator (Yes / No)
%PDn2% - Displays the extra stop full fare passenger count
%PDn3% - Displays the extra stop alternate passenger count
%PDn4% - Displays the extra stop name
%PDn5% - Displays the extra stop address
%PDn6% - Displays the extra stop comments field

In the tokens listed immediately above, the letter

< n >

is replaced with the number of the stop: first stop n=1,  second stop n=2, third stop n=3, etc.

If more extra stops need to be displayed simply follow the above example for a 5th, 6th, etc extra stop.