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View Tracking Online Reservation History with the Billing Utlitiy

Category:Web Reservation System

Tacking Online Reservation History with the Billing Utility

Using the online Billing Utility, Hudson Clients who are accepting reservations from the HWeb Reservations System, the online reservation system, can view the history of reservations that are recorded online for a single day, week, month or other period of time.  A common use of the Billing Utility is to obtain statistical data for
the online reservation system, useful when reviewing monthly
statements/invoices from The Hudson Group reflecting totals for
reservations recorded online.

To access the billing utility area of the web reservation system, open your web browser and go to the main, or primary, online reservation screen where the online reservation process is begun.  Look at the URL address in your web browser.  You will note that the last part of the address displayed is   ".../res"  If you remove the word "res" and replace it with "billing" and hit the enter key, you will then be taken to a login screen. In order to login, you must have been granted access to the online utility section (with a login ID and password) by your company system administrator. (NOTE:  See bottom of article for information on how to add users…)

Enter your login ID and Password and click SUBMIT.
From the next screen, you will have two simple choices:

  •   Select billing
  •   Logout
To enter the Billing Section, choose Select Billing.

Billing Statistics
From the Billing Statistics, you will enter the beginning and ending date range that you wish to review. (Generally - online reservation history is removed to archive on a monthly basis, leaving only approximately 2 months or 60 days of history available. If you run the billing statistics report that includes a date range of more than 60 days past, your report may not reflect statistics for online reservations that have been archived.  If you are only interested in reviewing summary data for the selected date range, click the Process Billing button at the bottom of the screen (NOTE: No invoices or statements are generated when you click PROCESS BILLING).

The resulting screen displayed will show totals for:
  • Total Reservations
  • Test Reservations
  • Cancelled Reservations
  • Billable Reservations
  • Discounted Reservations
  • Total of Discournts awarded (if applicable)
The lower half of the screen will display:
  • Total Fees
  • Credits Issued
  • Net Fees
  • Net Fares
  • Total Passengers
  • Average Fee
  • Average Credit
  • Average Net Fee
  • Average Fare
  • Average Passengers (per reservation)
If you wish to view the reservation detail that contributed to these totals, click the button at the bottom of the window for :Select Another Report. Return to the billing configuration page and re-enter your desired date range.  Place a check mark in the box next to:  Display Details. When you run the report this time, the same statistical data will display at the bottom of the screen, but you will see above it a summary listing of the reservations that the statistics are derived from. The data displayed for each reservation includes:

  • Reservation #
  • Date Recorded
  • Passenger Name
  • Number of Passengers
  • Fare
  • Test Reservation? (Yes or No)
  • Special Discount
  • Fee
  • Comments
To compare this information to the local system (if in use), Open HWebAdmin select Reports/ Reservations/Summary/By Date/Web Only.  Put in the desired date range, set the REPORT TYPE to ‘by res date’ and check off ‘include cancelled’ and ‘include non-completed’

If you feel that there are any inaccuracies in the data displayed, please contact Tech Support.

NOTE: To add new users and give them acces to the online Resutil and Billing pages:
  1. From the main menu select ‘User access configuration’.
  2. To create a new user, enter the new user name, user id, password
  3. The User Type should be set to ‘Resutil user’.
  4. Press update.

  All users in this category will be able to access the /resutil and /billing sites.