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Category:Web Reservation System

What is TripIt?

Book-IT, then Track-IT with TripIt!

The Hudson Group is pleased to introduce its newest strategic partner TripIt.  Designed to offer an enhanced booking and travel experience with your company without adding any cost or overhead to your business,  “TripIt is an online service that helps people organize all their travel plans – flights, hotels, rental cars, trains, cruises – no matter where they booked.”  Using TripIt is simple, quick, automated and FREE!

Quick overview:
Travelers use a multitude of online services to book various components of their travel itinerary. Nearly always, the booking process results in a confirmation being emailed to the traveler, encapsulating the travel arrangements.  The traveler simply forwards that unedited emailed confirmation form to  The first time you forward a confirmation, TripIt automatically builds an account for you.  Repeat the process with other confirmations as they arrive for the trip that you are taking.

Hudson integration
The Hudson group has integrated TripIt into its powerful suite of reservation and ticketing systems. At the conclusion of your booking experience on a Hudson system, you simply click an icon to forward to TripIt and your confirmation details will be automatically forwarded to your TripIt profile.  Now what could be simpler?

To see and manage your itinerary, login to using your email address as your user id.  Once in, not only can you manage your profile, but ALL your travel information is in one central location.  From here you can do online seat selection and check-in for flights, track the status of your flight(s), display maps of your destination city, confirm rental car arrangements,  get driving directions,  create notes or reminders about your trip and appointments, view weather conditions in your destination city, obtain city guides and more.

TripIt also allows you to share this information with others. Whether it is a co-worker, travel coordinator, friend of family member, you can allow them access to your itinerary. In this way, as your travel plans change there is no need to send volumes of emails to people. They can see and track your arrangements, the status of your flights and more.

Easy access
No more printing copies of confirmation forms and shuffling of papers. With the “TripIt to Me” and “TripIt Mobile” features, travelers can “access all their ravel plans from the convenience of their mobile devices.”  Give it a try today!  Not traveling in the immediate future? Login to today and build your account profile; it will be ready to accept your confirmation emails when you book your next travel items.