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View Updating Hudson Software

Category:File Layouts

Updating Hudson Software

Updating the Hudson Software on your workstation.


Periodically, The Hudson Group releases updated versions of its software. These updates typically include product and feature enhancements and improvements. Once a member of the Hudson Technical Support Staff has downloaded the update to your Server, or local office,  you will need to install the update on each and every workstation in the office. Once you have begun the installation of the updates, all machines should be updated fairly soon thereafter. Complications and errors can arise from running multiple versions of the HWeb software on a network.


  1. Ensure that all Hudson Products on the workstation to be updated, have been closed.
  2. Browse the local network and locate the Server/Machine where Hudson Files are stored. Click or select the Hudson Folder.
  3. Double click the UPDATES folder
  4. Locate and click on the executable program to update the software. Ex: HWeb1.86a. 
  5. The program is self-installing. Installation usually takes 60 seconds or less. You can monitor the progress of the installation. Depending upon the speed of your machine, you may notice slight pauses during the install process. This is normal.
  6. If you have any other HWeb applications running in the background, the Installation will stop and will report an error message. If this happens, close any open HWeb applications that are running, and repeat the process beginning at step 4.

After the installation:

  1. Open HWeb Agent and log in.
  2. Go to Tools Configuration Fare and Services. Once open, click APPLY and then OK.
  3. Again, go to Tools Configuration Advanced Features. Once open, click the APPLY and then OK buttons.
Your software update is complete. Enter a test reservation and ensure that all applications work in the customary manner.

NOTE: After a software update, your network administrator should check HWeb User Access Privileges. When new items are added to the software – by default these privileges are customarily disabled. When existing features are improved or enhanced, these privileges too are usually Disabled, so as to prevent users from having rights or privileges they are not qualified for. This does not need to be done on every machine. It needs to be done once, after the first machine is updated. The privileges should be checked or adjusted from a machine running the newest version of the software. Open any HWeb application, go to Tools Configuration User Access. Click the user to be checked, then select Privileges. Adjust as necessary.

P.S.  If you have been directed to go to the Hudson FTP site to download the latest version of Hudson Software, it may be found at:  From this site you should locate the most recent software file ending in ".exe" and you should double click the file (Note: any file version ending in the letter "p" is a pre-release version which is available on an evaluation basis only. It may contain features or enhancements which are still being reviewed and evaluated).  When asked if you wish to Run or Save this file, select SAVE. You will then be prompted for the location to save the file. Browse to your server or network location where Hudson files are stored. Locate the UPDATES folder and save the software to this location. Depending on your internet connection speed, this file should download in 1-2 minutes.  Once the file has been saved here, you may proceed with the instructions listed at the top of the page above.  WARNING: before downloading or installing any updated software, you must check with Hudson Tech Support first. Depending upon your specific configuration and installation, updating software can have serious adverse consequences on other installed applications. Though it is our desire to ensure that all clients have the most current version of our application possible, there may be specific reasons why you should refrain from updating!