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View Upload your own Logo or Graphic to Web Site Portal

Category:Web Reservation System -> Portals

Upload your own Logo or Graphic to Web Site Portal

You now have the ability to upload your own logos and graphics to the web reservation system.
These graphics may be used as the primary graphic on your web reservation site, or may also be used within your customized portals.

It is assumed that you are already familiar with how to connect to your Hudson Web Reservation system Utility page, and that you have the appropriate user credentials to successfully login.

  1. Login to your sites Reservation Utility (RESUTIL) page.
  2. Select the "Utilities" tab
  3. Select the link to  "Upload file"
  4. Select the "Browse" button. Navigate to and select the image or graphic file you want to upload.
  5. Set the subdirectory option to "images"
  6. Select the "Upload" button.
  7. You will see a confirmation message indicating the status of the upload.
Now that the graphic has been uploaded to the site, you can use / reference it anywhere on your site and within portals.  When listing the graphic file, remember that the name of the file is case sensitive. You may also apply HTML formatting tags to modify the display of the image. As a general preference, graphics look best when centered across the top of your page.  Your string should have the following format: 

<center><img src="{siteid}/Logo.jpg" /></center>

Assuming your company site id is acme1, and the logo file uploaded is named AcmeLogo_small.png, your complete string would be written as:
  <center><img src="acme1/AcmeLogo_small.png" /></center>

The string above (containing your details) can be used to force your web reservation site to load and display a client logo inside of a customized group portal.  This would be done by logging into the web reservation system, going to Group Configuration. Locate and select the desired Group Profile from the drop list.  Select the tab labeled "Logo" and then insert the string into this field.

Note: The Web reservation system supports the following graphic file types:
  • GIF
  • JPG
  • PNG

How to view list of previously uploaded graphics

You may have uploaded a logo or graphic weeks ago and now need to create a new portal using that same logo; the problem is that you can’t remember the graphic name and you deleted the copy on your computer.  Using the steps below, you can view the graphics previously uploaded to your site, along with the file name, so you can properly reference it in the portal configuration.

  1. Login to your sites Reservation Utility (RESUTIL) page.
  2. Then you will enter into your web browser your company site URL followed by:
    “cgi-bin/tools/util?DISPLAYIMAGES,<site id>”

For example, the URL entered would look like this:,limo1

If you are unsure of your site id, you may contact Hudson Tech Support for assistance.