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View Use of General Ledger Codes in HWeb Admin

Category:HWeb Admin

Use of General Ledger Codes in HWeb Admin

It is possible to assign General Ledger Codes to different types of revenue and expenses within the Hudson system, so that when exporting Invoice data to external applications or reports, the General Ledger codes may be included. If it is your desire to simply categorize revenue by airport, service type, etc, custom grids with filters may be a more efficient manner as

Setup and Configuration:

  1. Tools > Configuration > Adv Features > Receivable Trans Tab
    1. Check the box: Enable GL Account Feature
  2. Tools > Configuration > Adv Features > Revenue Tab
    1. Distribution Mapping window. Set each of the following according to your desired need or reporting result.
      1. Distribution Type: Select from drop list
      2. Fare Component: Select from drop list
      3. Invoice GL Account: Enter desired code
      4. Invoice Dept code (if needed): Enter desired code
      5. Invoice Tax Type (if needed): Enter desired code
      6. Invoice Tax Authority (if needed): Enter desired code
      7. Match Key 1: Select from drop list
      8. Match Key 2: Select from drop list
      9. Match Key 3: Select from drop list
      10. Match Key 4: manual entry 
NOTICE OF FUNCTIONAL LIMITATION:  Once a reservation (invoice item) has been assigned a GL Account code, that reservation (invoice item) cannot be assigned or included in a different GL Account code.
For example:  You have assigned a code 5020 to all Arrival Reservations,   and Code 6010 to all Service 1 Reservations.  When you then include a Reservation HG002345 in an invoice, and that reservation was a Service 1, Arrival,  then the fare/revenue from that reservation will be assigned EITHER code 5020 OR 6010 when exported, depending on which code appears first in the configuration.

Sample Configuration:

Desire is to Assign GL Account code 4050 to all Boston Logan Airport Arrival Reservations (shows Fare revenue for arrivals at this airport).
  1. Distribution Type: Fare Components
  2. Fare Component: Base Fare
  3. Invoice GL Account: 4050
  4. Invoice Dept code (if needed):
  5. Invoice Tax Type (if needed):
  6. Invoice Tax Authority (if needed):
  7. Match Key 1: Direction-Arrivals
  8. Match Key 2:
  9. Match Key 3:
  10. Match Key 4: BOS.*