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View User is Locked Out

Category:HWeb Agent
Category:New Users - Start Here!

How to unlock a locked user

Login security settings may determine a maximum number of unsuccessful login attempts that will be permitted for a user.  If the incorrect entries for a UserID and/or Password are entered repeatedly and the maximum number of retries is reached as defined in the Login Security Settings (default setting is 7), the user will be locked out of the Hudson application.  The amount of time, in minutes, that the user will be locked out is also defined in the security settings established by your system administrator but is typically a minimum of 30 minutes (default setting). 

When a user is locked out of the of system, the user must wait for the minimum amount of time configured before attempting to login again OR, the user may be manually “unlocked” by a person with system administrator privileges.

To Unlock a user:

  • Tools -> Configuration -> Application Configuration -> General Config -> User Access
  • Locate and click to highlight the effected user from the list of users
  • Click the “Edit” button
  • On the General Tab, locate the box labeled “Locked” and remove the checkmark.
  • Click OK and then exit the configuration settings.

The effected user should now be able to attempt to login again, but will again be subject to the maximum number of retries established in the configuration.

If having problems logging in, ensure that a Caps Lock key is not enabled. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive.  If you are unable to recall a password, a system administrator may reset the password for you but will not be able to retrieve a forgotten password.