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View Using Test Flight to review iOS Apps

Category:HWeb Mobile Devices

Using Test Flight to review iOS Apps

The Hudson Group’s mobile development team requests and values input from clients when creating their apps for deployment on mobile devices.  When building apps for iOS and Apple devices, we like to use a very simple yet useful tool called Test Flight to share new releases with you.  When an app is being designed and built, there are often many test versions that are created and reviewed, before a final package is submitted to Apple for App store approval and release.  Test Flight, is an easy way to manage the many revisions of an app that you may need to test (there can be dozens of iterations) before a final approval.

As of the date of this article, for iOS Apps being developed by The Hudson Group,  you will provide Hudson with your eMail address; ideally the one you use as your Apple ID.  You then need to visit the App store on a mobile device and search for Test Flight.  You can also locate the Test Flight app here:  Test Flight in iTunes Store.  When Hudson uploads an initial test version for your review, you will get an email notification from Apple at the address provided. You can follow a link in the email to launch Test Flight, or you can launch the Test Flight app and click the Install button.  Your app will be installed on your phone.

Each time additional updates are uploaded to Apple, you will receive an email notification. If you already have the Test Flight App open, you can select the “update” button displayed and the app will be updated on your mobile device.

Typically, test versions of iOS apps expire after 30 days. Only authorized individuals whose email addresses are provided by the client will be able to receive and install test versions of the app under development and review.