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View Using and Configuring HotKeys FastInfo and Action Menus

Category:HWeb Dispatcher

Using and Configuring HotKeys, FastInfo, and Action Menues in HWeb Dispatcher

Configuration of HWeb Dispatcher Hot Keys / Fast Info / Action Menu

In the HWebDispatcher “Hot Keys” are defined as not only a straight Hot Key (F1-F12), but also as a Drop Action, Action Menu, and FastInfo Menu.  To access Hot Key configuration within a Dispatcher, select the tools menu, then configuration, and Hotkeys-Fastinfo.

Section headings of the Hot Key menu

SHIFT – Either none, shift, control or shift+ctrl
KEY – Function key (a.k.a. ‘F’ key; F1-F12)
FUNCTION – Available functions are defined below
FUNCTION STRING – Available strings are defined with appropriate function

Available Hot Key Functions

Trip related functions

Cancel trip – Used to remove all reservations from a trip and remove vehicle
Create new trip – Used to create a new trip within a trip grid
Trip End – Used to end a trip that has completed its run
Trip Inroute – Used to set a trip status to inroute
Parameters include:
          This parameter by default will show the edit trip details dialog.

<value> is:
        1) The number of minutes from now that you want to set the est trip end time
        2) LLT (last location travel time) gets the travel time from the last pickup location/last dropoff location + any service adjustment

Quiet - Do not show the edit trip details dialog and just update the est trip end time.


  • EstTripEnd (Display edit trip end time default est trip end time to current time)
  • EstTripEnd=60 (Display edit trip end time default est trip end time to current time plus 60 minutes)
  • EstTripEnd=60,Quiet (Do not display edit trip end time, set est trip end time to current time plus 60 minutes)
  • EstTripEnd=LLT (Display edit trip end time default est trip end time to current time plus travel time from last pickup/lastdropoff location + service adjustment)
Trip start – Used to begin a trip that has a vehicle and driver assigned
Reset trip – Used to reset the trip status only
Reset trip, unassign vehicle – Used to reset the trip status and remove vehicle
Print Details (Custom) – Used to print custom trip sheets
Trip reconstruct – Used to rebuild a trip esp. if PAX is incorrect
Trip rebill – Used to build/rebuild a billing record
Trip block – Used to block/unblock a line run trip
  Parameters include:
0 - Block always
1 - Unblock always
2 - Toggle block status

Reservation related functions

Reservation cancel – Used to mark a reservation caller canceled
Reservation complete – Used to mark a reservation dropped off
Reservation no show – Used to mark a reservation as no show
Reservation on board – Used to mark a reservation as onboard
Reservation pickup lost – Used to mark a reservation as lost
Quick Recon – Used to adjust fare and payment information
Print Details (Custom) – Used to print custom receipts, name signs, etc.
Reservation Email/Fax – Used to email and/or fax a reservation from dispatch
  Parameters include:
Mode=0 (res),Mode=1 (Driver),Mode=2 (group),Mode=3 (affiliate)
Reservation adjust pickup TOD – Used to adjust the pickup time of a reservation
  Parameters include:
      DisplayAutoUpdate: Displays the ‘apply to all other records’ checkbox (unchecked)
      DisplayAutoUpdate=1: Displays the ‘apply to all other records’ checkbox (checked)
OffSetNow: Offset based on now
OffSetCur: Offset based on the current pickup TOD
AdjustOpts: Pickup time adjustment options (overrides global configuration)

Vehicle related functions

Deadhead vehicle(s) –Used to mark a vehicle deadhead
Vehicle(s) to airport sweep –Used to mark a vehicle airport sweep
Vehicle(s) to holding – Used to mark a vehicle in holding
Assign vehicle – Used to add vehicle to reservation/trip
Lock, Administrative – Used to lock vehicle for Administrative purposes
Lock, Maintenance – Used to lock vehicle for Maintenance reasons

Driver related functions

Start driver shift – Used to start a driver’s shift
End driver shift – Used to end a driver’s shift
Assign driver – Used to add a driver to a trip/reservation
Lock, Administrative – Used to lock driver for Administrative purposes

General functions

Refresh all grids – Used to refresh all grids within a Dispatcher
Refresh grid – Used to refresh the data within a selected grid
Set mark – Used to mark a reservation, marking used (i.e. letter ‘Y’ defined in Function String)
Toggle mark – Used to mark/clear a reservation with one key, marking used (i.e. letter ‘Y’ defined in Function String)
Clear mark – Used to clear a marked reservation
External reservation load – Used to load a highlighted reservation into an HWeb Agent
File open – Used to open a grid, grid name is defined in Function String
HotKey configuration – Used to access the HotKey menu
Pager status – Used to open the pager status dialog box
QuickPage – Used to open the quick page dialog
  Parameters include:
      LIST=<List type>
Where <List type> can be:
PAGER -    Pager list (default if none specified)
DRIVER -    Driver list
VEHICLE -    Vehicle list
EMPLOYEE -    Employee list
DRIVERBROADCAST -    Driver broadcast groups list
VEHICLEBROADCAST -    Vehicle broadcast groups list
EMPLOYEEBROADCAST -    Employee broadcast groups list
BROADCASTMESSAGE -    Signals to default to create broadcast message (DB 101+)
TEMPLATE -    Default template

Quick reservation – Used to start a quick reservation
Quick search – Used to invoke the quick search dialog box
Vehicle In/Out – Used to open vehicle in/out tool
  Parameters include:
DRIVERGROUP= to filter groups in tool
VEHICLEGROUP=to filter groups in tool
Note - Add new
  Parameters include:
Display Map –
  Parameters include:
      MDD – Used to show pickup and dropoff locations for Point to Point
      MAPFILE - Default map file name
CLEARMAP - Clear map automatically
MAPVEH - Map vehicle (when mapping from Res)
MAPCLOSESTVEH - Map closest vehicle