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View Using the Quote Status Option

Category:HWeb Agent

Using the Quote Status Option

When a client calls for rates and information on services offered, your agents will most often begin the standard reservation process in order to determine fares and vehicle availability.  The Hudson system allows you to proceed to enter some or all of the reservation details, including pickup and drop off intormation, extra stops etc, but to save the information as a Quote rather than an actual "confirmed" reservation.  By entering and saving "quotes," you can very quickly change the status of a quote to a full reservation with a couple key strokes, saving your agents and your clients the time and energy of re-entering information into the system. Quotes will not show up on a dispatch screen and will not effect vehicle availability.

When a client or potential client calls and asks for fare and availability, you can tell them that you will save all of their information so that if they decide to proceed with the booking, they will not have to give the information again. Before saving the details, go to the Reservation Details Tab of the reservation. Locate the Status field, and change the value to Quote.  When the Quote is saved, it will be assigned a Reservation ID number. This ID can be provided to the client, as a confirmation number would be given, which may speed the retrieval of the information when the client calls again.

Note: You can also e-mail or fax the quote details to clients, if needed or desired. In this case, it may be a good idea to insure that your confirmation template has a token or field indicating the Status of the reservation, so that the word Quote is prominently displayed.  For assistance with this, contact Tech Support.