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View Vehicle In Out Tool - Driver and Vehicle Filters

Category:HWeb Dispatcher

Vehicle In Out Tool - Driver and Vehicle Filters

It may be helpful to categorize your drivers and/or your vehicles into groups for quicker and easier management.  A busy dispatcher wishes to be able to more quickly check drivers in and out of the HWeb Dispatcher system using the Vehicle In/Out tool.  Rather than hunt for a particular driver in a long list, a Driver Filter may be applied to expedite the checkin and check out process by presenting to the dispatcher a shorter list of drivers that meet very specific criteria.  Additionally, it is possible to launch the Driver In / Out Tool, with the filter applied, via a Hot Key.  In most all situations below, when referring to ‘Driver’, the same applies to ‘Vehicle’ as well.

Driver Groups

There are many different ways you might categorize, or group, your drivers. Examples might be:
  • Early Morning, Mid-Day, Late Night
  • Sedan Qualified, Van Qualified, Limousine Qualified, MiniCoach Qualified, BUS (CDL) Qualified
  • Probationary,  Level 1, Level 2, Senior
  • City Qualified, Airport Qualified
These are examples only and can be anything you choose.  A Single driver may be a member of only one group or classification.

Creating (Driver) Groups:

  1. Open any HWeb application
  2. Click Tools / Configuration / Drivers
  3. From within the Driver Configuration window, Click Tools / Driver Groups
  4. Click the white page, to the left of the X
  5. In the left-most (Name) column, enter the name of your group (ex: Early Morning Driver)
  6. In the DName column, enter the abbreviated dispatch name for the group.
  7. Click Save Group Information

Assigning Driver(s) to Group(s)

  1. Follow the steps outlined above to access the Driver Group Configuration window.
  2. In the window on the left, click once to select the Group into which you wish to add drivers. The row will be highlighted in yellow.
  3. In the right side of the Driver Groups tool, click the white page, to the left of the X.
  4. After the new row is displayed, click on the drop down arrow to select the driver to be added to this new group.
  5. After selecting the driver, repeat the process by alternately clicking the white page at the top of the window, and then selecting the next driver to be added.
  6. After all drivers have been added to the group. Click Update Driver Groups at the bottom of the window.  Note: a driver may belong to none or one group only.  If a driver is a member of Group1 and you then add them to Group2, the driver will be reassigned to Group2.

Launching the Vehicle In / Out Tool

  1. Open HWeb Dispatcher.
  2. Click Tools / Dispatcher Tools / Vehicle InOut
  3. In the Driver Group field, click the drop down arrow and select the Driver Group you wish to choose from. A filtered list of drivers will appear. (NOTE: The Driver Group and Vehicle Group fields will NOT appear, until at least one Driver Group or Vehicle Group has been established.)

Configuring a HotKey to Launch Vehicle In/Out tool with Filter Applied

  From any HWeb application:
  1. Click Tools / Configuration / HotKeys & Fast Info
  2. Click on the white page icon, to the left of the X to start a new HotKey.
  3. On the General Tab of the Hot Key/Fast Info Details box,  Set the Record type to Dispatcher Hot Keys
  4. If a Shift, Control, or combination is to be used, select it in the Shift/Control type field
  5. Select the Function Key to be used: F1…F12 and *1…*9
  6. In the Function field, select Vehicle In/Out
  7. In the Function Parameters Field enter: DriverGroup={group name}
  8. Click Update and Save Changes.
  9. Press F11 to refresh the changes made to configuration
  10. Try your new Hot Key combination: It should launch the Vehicle In/Out tool, with the new driver filter applied.

For additional assitance setting up Hot Keys or DriverGroup or VehicleGroup filters, please contact Tech Support.