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View Violation of Primary Key Constraint

Category:Error Messages
Category:HWeb Admin

Violation of Primary Key Constraint

When trying to create an Email List from HWeb Admin, you have the ability to place a check mark next to: CURRENT RESERVATIONS and also next to ARCHIVE RESERVATIONS.  If botrh of these options are checked,  an error can occur when trying to combine addresses from both tables. The error returned will look something like:

Application Error (-2147217873)
Violation of PRIMARYKEY constraint ‘PK_EMailList_4456017B’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘EmailList’.

Report the error to Hudson Tech Support.

As a temporary work-around it is possible to create an email list from CURRENT RESERVATIONS first. Then export this list to a *.csv file.  Repeat the process, creating the list from ARCHIVED RESERVATIONS. This list too can be exported to a *.csv file.  The two exported lists can be combined and sorted in order to manually locate duplicates.

The combined list may also be imported into MS Access, or other database management program and a query may be run to locate and/or remove duplicate email addresses.