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Category:HWeb Agent
Category:File Layouts

Voucher Configuration, Setup, Management

Voucher Management


A voucher is an open reservation that can be created in bulk so that blocks of open reservations can be provided to hotels, travel agencies, etc. usually in the form of a ticket or voucher form/stub.


***NB: You must have the appropriate User Access Priveledges enabled in the HWeb software in order to create and manage Vouchers. Check with your system administrator before proceeding with the following directions.

Creating voucher form

To create a voucher form, first open Microsoft Word or other RTF editor.  Create your form using the Hudson supplied confirmation values.  Once your form is complete save it as Rich Text Format (RTF).  This form must be saved on a network folder so that the HWeb Agent software may access it.

Setup of voucher template

To setup a voucher template, open the HWeb Agent select Tools, Configuration then Templates.  Once opened select the template type of reservation custom print.  A unique alias must be created for each voucher template that will be used.
Creating/Printing vouchers

Step 1.) The first step to create voucher reservations is to make a normal reservation, but before saving the reservation the status will be changed.  To change the status select the Reservation Details Tab, change the status box from normal to standard template and then save the reservation. Before saving, you must give the template a name, in the passenger name field: ex:  ACME Corp to LAX Voucher Template.  A Fare must be specified for the reservation/template as well. This should be the normal fare to be charged for this group or profile for the reservation itinerary entered.  Payment type will need to be specified as well. When printing vouchers, this normally is set to Direct Bill, or Pre-Paid, depending on the payment arrangements made with the client(s).  Other configuration settings may require a phone number or email address to be entered for every reservation (you may use 000-000-0000 for phone number, and ‘none’ for email address).

Step 2.) The second step to create voucher reservations is to open the voucher maintenance tool via HWeb Agent select Tools, then Configuration, Vouchers.  Within the Voucher Maintenance locate the newly created Standard Template by clicking on the three dot (…) search box. Also select the Print Template you wish to use with this selected standard template.  Set the appropriate Voucher Expiration Date, the default is one year from the creation date.  Enter the number of vouchers to be created in the box labeled Number of Voucher to Generate.  You may also enter any optional Comments describing this voucher setup if desired.  Now select Generate Vouchers.  The system will now create new open reservations based on the selected standard template.

Step 3.) The last step is to print the actual voucher reservations.  Within the Voucher Maintenance tool select the tab labeled Voucher List. From here locate your newly generated vouchers in Generated Voucher Summary, then press the Print Icon.

Reprinting vouchers

To reprint vouchers open the HWeb Agent select Tools, then Configuration, Vouchers select the tab labeled Voucher List.  Enter the Starting Number of the vouchers you would like to reprint. Also enter the number to be printed in the Count box.  Now press the Print Icon.

Canceling vouchers

To cancel vouchers open the HWeb Agent select Tools, then Configuration, Vouchers select the tab labeled Voucher List.  Highlight the voucher set you would like to cancel from the Generated Voucher Summary box, now select the Cancel Voucher Icon.  All outstanding vouchers will be cancelled.  Any vouchers that have already been redeemed will not be cancelled.