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View Web Discount - How to Configure

Category:Web Reservation System

How to configure a discount for reservations made online

One of the advantages to having a web reservation system, is that you can redirect phone calls from your office and translate them to reservations online. This frees up your call center staff to handle more critical sales related calls and alleviates their “order-taker” call volume.  Simply telling your clients they can book online is not always incentive enough for them to try the web process. Other clients may not trust a web reservation system, even though it provides real time capacity checking and instant confirmations. So, for clients that are reluctant to try a web reservation, how do you encourage them to use your online booking tool?  We maintain that a discount, awarded for booking online, is a great start.  Many people, reluctant to use the web system will try it if they think they can save a few dollars in the process.  Setting up a Web discount is pretty straight forward and worth a try!

The Web discount needs to be configured:
  On the Web Site (so fares are discounted when reservation is created)
  In the local system (so that fares will calculate properly if web reservations are revised later)

Web Setup

Login to your web reservation systems Utility pages
Select the Services Tab
Browse to the service list that contains the vehicle type you want to enable the discount for
Scroll down the description fields to the left and locate:
  Web Discount Type
  Web Discount
  Web Discount Exceptions
The Web Discount Type and Web Discount (amount) fields are pretty much self explanatory.  If you are confused about what these options are and how they work, please contact Hudson Tech Support.  The Web Discount Exceptions field can be used to disallow the discount under specific conditions.  For Example: You have enabled a Fixed Discount Per Passenger and the Amount = 2 (dollars, or other currency units as appropriate). You could then insert DA in the Discount Exceptions field and this will NOT discount reservations where the Direction is an Arrival.  This means that only Departures would be eligible for the discount.  The Discount exceptions field may be used to specify airports, fare keys, and other items as well. If you need to configure an exception, you may again contact Hudson Tech Support for assistance.

Scroll to the bottom of your Service Configuration and Save your changes.
Repeat for other service (vehicle) types as appropriate.

Before proceeding to the local system, do a test reservation to ensure your discount is calculating properly.

Local System Setup

Login to one of your Local System applications: HWeb Agent, Dispatcher, Admin
Select the Configuration icon from the toolbar (or Tools - Configuration - Application Configuration)
Open General Configuration - Fare & Services and select the Services Tab
Scroll across the columns to locate
  Web Discount Type
  Web Discount Rate
As with the web reservation system, set the appropriate Type and Amount, for each service.

Click Apply and OK to save your configuration changes.

In order to test the Local system configuration, you will need to return to the web, and enter at least one complete reservation through to completion. Once the reservation appears in your local system, you can open it in HWeb Agent and make changes to the reservation.  Because the reservation originated online, the web discount rules should still be applied.