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View What are all of the fields in HWeb Agent used for

Category:HWeb Agent

What are all of the fields in HWeb Agent used for?

The process of creating or building a reservation in HWeb Agent gives you the opportunity to capture and record over 200 pieces of information.  This information, and the overall HWeb Agent screen is divided into more manageable Tabs.  Usually, the label next to a field is pretty much self explanatory (e.g. Name, Telephone, Email, etc.) while there are a few which are a little more obscure.

The attached MS Excel spreadsheet has divided HWeb Agent into the same Tabs that are seen during the reservation process. Each field is identified along with a brief description of what information goes into that field and what it is used for.

Additionally, if this is a field that can be hidden, configured, customized, etc, that too is identified.

To the right of the details is a description as to where in the configuration this item can be located and adjusted, if appropriate.

The Token, or in some cases several tokens, that can be used to insert this field value into templates for confirmations, trip sheets, custom printouts, tickets, boarding passes, etc. are also listed.

Finally, if there is another KnowledgeBase article that describes this field in greater detail, a link to that article is also included.

NOTE:  This document is in a constant state of flux and adjustment and may appear incomplete at times.  Download and take a look in order to gain a greater understanding into the wealth of information contained within each Reservation recorded.