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View What is an Open Return How are they used and how do I create one

Category:HWeb Agent

What is an Open Return, How are they Used and how do I create one?

An open return is a return journey, where the reservation details are
complete EXCEPT for date and time (and perhaps flight details).  This
allows you to take a clients departure reservation today, and link it
to a future return journey (along with appropriate discounts) but not actually
enter the return details if the client is unsure of their return travel

The Hudson system supports the concept of an Open Return but in the Local (HWeb Agent) system only. Open Returns are NOT currently supported on the Web system or through Web Portals. 

Further, you can specify how long the Open Return reservations are valid and can remain in your system. If no global expiration is configured, the Open Return remains as an incomplete reservation in your database…and can result in a larger and slower responding system.

Open Returns are enabled and turned on all the time…even if you didnt realize they were there.

To Create an Open Return Reservation:
Start your first reservation in the customary manner.
Once you are on the Fare and Availability screen (F6) - Look at the Taskbar and locate the option:  "Request return".  Clicking this with your Mouse sequentially toggles through three settings and back again to the first.  As you select each one, you will also see an indicator, in blue, next to the "Generate Fare and PickupTimes"  button that indicates the current selection :

Request Return -  ( r* )                ~Return reservation will have travel date / time
Request Open Return - ( ro* )   ~Return reservation will not have date / time
Request No Return - ( * )             ~One Way only - no return reservation

A quicker and easier Keyboard shortcut that cycles through these same three options is  ALT + R  keys.  (Press and hold ALT key and then press R). Your desire is to proceed until  (  ro*  )  appears in the middle of the screen.

If you have any round trip discounts configured that reduce the fare on the first or both legs of a round trip booking,  this is how you tell the system that the fare should be adjusted on the first leg of the journey.

After leaving the Fare and Availability screen, you can still use the ALT + R keys to identify a return or open return reservation will follow.  You can also select the Request Return or Request Open Return from the Taskbar once you are in the body of the reservation. Making a selection at this point will display a *,  r*,  ro*  in blue text to the right of the Reservation Number field in the top left corner of the reservation screen.

When you press F4 to save the first booking one of three things will occur, depending on which of the three return options have been previously selected:

* - no Return selected: you are taken to the Read Back Confirmation Screen
r* - Request Return:  you will be taken to the Fare and Availability screen for the RETURN reservation automatically bypassing Confirmation Screen
ro* - Request Open Return: you will be taken to the Read Back Confirmation screen.  A hidden linked Open Return reservation has been created

You can now do an F3 search and lookup reservations by client Name - you will see the original reservation with pickup time specified, and another with OPEN in the Pickup Time field. You would open that reservation, Press F6 or go to Fare and Availability screen, and enter date, time and flight details if needed.  Press F4 to save and your Open Reservation is converted to a Standard Reservation, and is now available for managing in HWeb Dispatcher.  

OPEN Reservations will not appear on standard dispatch screens until they are updated to include a Time and Date.

To Configure when an Open Return Expires:  Tools / Configuration / Advanced Features / Reservation2 Tab:  Open Returns Expiration