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View What is the Maximum Number of Rows Possible in a Dispatch Grid

Category:HWeb Dispatcher
Category:HWeb Agent

What is the Maximum Number of Rows Possible in a Dispatch Grid?

Currently, the maximum number of rows that may be loaded and displayed in a single Dispatcher Grid File (*.gdf) is 10,000 (ten thousand). 

When grids are first opened, and then refreshed, it consumes a certain amount of "processing time" to pull all the records from the database and display them in a grid. The more records displayed, the longer it takes.  The amount of time it takes to load is also dependent upon how many fields are being displayed for each record.  Again, the greater the number of fields, the longer it will take.

When a grid containing 10,000 records (example: Reservations listing) is loaded, if all 250 +/- fields for each reservation are also loaded,  it could take many seconds for the grid to load and display.   If the grid is set to refresh, or redraw, every 2-3 minutes, this process is repeated again at that time interval. The result is that the system may appear "sluggish" and unresponsive while the grids are loading.  Depending upon the speed of your current computer and network, this could have an adverse effect on system efficiency, and effect other users as well.

How to change the number or rows displayed:

From the grid you wish to modify,  right click any field name / column header and select Grid Properties.

Locate the field "Max rows" and adjust to the desired number of records to be displayed.

If not already enabled, set "Query optimization" to "Automatic." This will improve system performance by only pulling those fields from the database that are actually displayed on the screen / dispatch grid.

Click OK  to save changes.