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View Zero KB Attachments Sent From Hudson System

Category:Tech Support
Category:HWeb Agent
Category:HWeb Dispatcher
Category:Web Reservation System

Zero KB Attachments Sent From Hudson System

When emails are sent from the Hudson HGTS \ HWeb Agent \ Dispatcher \ Admin applications, or from the Hudson Web Reservation System, they are often sent w attachments (confirmations, web tickets, vouchers, invoices, receipts, etc.) that are formatted as .RTF, .HTM, .TXT or .PDF documents.

If you encounter an issue where email confirmations are being sent, and received by the recipient,  but the attachment size is 0 kb, there is likely a problem with the temp directory on the local host computer or the computer where the Hudson Bridge application is running. 

Windows has a limitation on the file size and the number of files that may be saved in the temp directory of the C: drive (C:\temp\). When an attachment is generated by the software for sending via email, it is stored in this temp directory.  When the maximum number of files that may be stored in the temp directory is reached, then the attachment will not be generated and stored and the email will be processed without the attachment. This will cause the email to be sent with an attachment that is 0 kb in size.

How to Fix: clear the C:\temp directory

To alleviate the problem, move the items from the temp folder to the recycle bin and attempt to resend the email confirmation, and observe the file size and integrity of the attached file.