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Ticket Submission Guidelines

Ticket Instructions

NOTE:  The use of the Ticket Submission system is designed for routine, Non-emergency items only.  If you are experiencing an emergency that requires immediate attention, please contact Hudson Emergency support at the number listed on the Support Page.

The following instructions will help make your Tech Support request as effective as possible.  Please note that the information submitted here will result in the creation of a numbered Support Ticket.

Your Name:
Please type your First and Last Name.
    ex:  James Smith

Your Company:
Type the entire name of the Hudson client company you represent.
     ex:  ACME Executive Transportation Services

Your Email address:
Please enter the complete email address where your support replies should be delivered. Please enter carefully and check for accuracy.

Phone Number:
This will be a phone number where a support representative can reach you if additional information is needed.
Please include your country code (if non US), your area code, and any extension that may be required.
    ex:  978.531.1115 x999
    ex:  +33 1 55 55 77 77

Issue Type:

Select the item that most closely matches the general type of issue you are experiencing.
If unsure, please select "undefined".

Please select the category that best matches the application and function of the issue you are experiencing.  The 3 primary applications to select from are:
  • HWeb Agent
  • HWeb Dispatcher
  • HWeb Admin
These are then subcategorized into key functions within each application, such as:
  • Fare Calculation
  • Printing
  • Profile Maintenance
  • etc.
  • Grid Maintenance
  • Messaging
  • Trip Management
  • etc.
  • Invoicing
  • Credit Card Management
  • Reports
>> If no close match exists, please select "undefined" and then put additional information in the Questions or Comments field at the bottom of the page.

This important field should be used to summarize in a single phrase the reason for your submission.  This subject will be used when responding by email to your ticket, so this should also be something that is meaningful to you.
    ex:  Web system fare calculation problems
    ex:  Paged Dispatch details not being received by driver
    ex:  Problem with email confirmations for cancelled reservations

Questions or Comments:
This is your opportunity to concisely explain the conditions under which your issue arises. Please be as specific as possible so that a Support Technican will be able to view or replicate the issue. If a specific computer or reservation is experiencing the problem, please list the appropriate name, number, etc.

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