Meet Hudson

We build, integrate, and deliver reservation, dispatch, ticketing, vehicle tracking, marketing, and communication technologies for ground transportation leaders around the world!

Creating A New Way To Do Business

At the time of its founding in 1999, The Hudson Group recognized that companies investing in technology solutions required an alternative to traditional and expensive integration models. In response, The Hudson Group has developed comprehensive application service provider (ASP) solutions that deliver:

  • Tested & Referenced Technology - customer-referenced on site or remote hosting services delivering applications to track, report, measure and interface through to billing and accounts management systems.

  • Reduced Overhead & Risk - proven and replicable solutions where minimal customer investment is required and compensation is paid on completed transactions only.

  • Professional Service Expertise - experienced service provider, from development to management, ensuring high quality, well-rounded solutions and services.

  • High Return on Investment - wherein your company shares the benefits of creating a new way of doing business - higher productivity, higher margins, increased revenue.

  • To deliver the greatest impact, The Hudson Group's application and management services allow organizations to focus on what they do best - free of the administrative responsibilities and overhead often involved with IT-based solutions.

Our Mission

Hudson partners with our service provider customers to streamline operations and help better manage information processing, resulting in overhead reduction and revenue increases. We accomplish this using our e-commerce services combining computer telephony, database, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), web-based, and other continually emerging technologies.

Our goal is to be the top Application Service Provider (ASP) in our class by providing the best end-to-end services to our customers. To ensure consistent growth and opportunity, Hudson uses a unique development methodology and pricing model which requires us to invest in our application service solution and its delivery -- we only succeed if our customers do.

Our Business Philosophy

As a member of the application service provider (ASP) industry, The Hudson Group develops services utilizing the web as the ubiquitous delivery mechanism. Focused to specific functions within niche industries, we provide application development, service integration & management, and remote hosting to deliver new solutions or to augment legacy systems.

Our flagship service, the Hudson Ground Transportation System ("HGTS") Reservations Manager primarily assists the reservations marketplace within travel, transportation and telecommunications industries by delivering a customer reservation from end-to-end; from its origin point to the customer's reporting and existing infrastructure. Like the HGTS Web Reservations Manager, Hudson's other HGTS services benefit specific industries and serve as cross-functional solutions within general corporate structures.

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