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Give your customers the ability to book reservations 24 hours per day from any device with an internet connection.

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HGTS Web Reservations Manager

Our flagship application, the Hudson Ground Transportation System Web Reservations Manager is an online booking tool for your clients. Simply insert a "Reserve Now!" link or button on your current marketing website and, upon clicking, your customer will be presented with a customized web reservation site that appears as an extension of your main website. This application is hosted on our secure servers. Your clients can check fares and available vehicles and complete their reservations quickly and easily 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Credit cards can be pre-charged or pre-authorized.

Private, customized portals can be created for your corporate accounts, marketing offers and/or promotions helping to increase customer loyalty and reservation volume. All reservations can be viewed via an online tool and can be automatically and instantly downloaded into your Hudson “local system” database for edits, dispatching and reporting.

  • Real-time reservations and price quotes
  • Reservations on mobile phones and tablets
  • Supports multiple types of vehicles
  • Instant emailed confirmations, receipts, tickets, boarding passes
  • Frequent user accounts and loyalty programs
  • Multiple payment types supported
  • Credit Card processing available
  • International language sites and confirmations
  • Foreign currencies and conversions supported

Stand-Alone Systems

If you have a non-Hudson office reservation and dispatching system, the HGTS Web Reservations Manager can be setup for you as a separate, stand-alone system. This gives you the flexibility of being able to offer online reservations to your clients without having to change the way you do business in your office.

Demonstration Site

If you would like to try out a demonstration of our HGTS Web Reservations Manager, please visit our demonstrations page for links to many sample sites and portals.

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Select Reservation Type

Planes, Trains, Cruise Ships, Hourly or Point-to-Point

You can enable or hide the types of reservations that you are willing to accept online, and can even adjust them per corporate account profile. Regardless of the mode of travel - car, bus, airplane, cruise ship or train - the HGTS Web Reservations Manager will accommodate your company’s needs.

Capacity Management

When you tie the HGTS Web Reservations Manager into a Hudson reservation and dispatch system in your office, you also gain the ability to automatically manage your capacity. Whether you are selling seats on a bus or are taking reservations for a limited number of specialty vehicles, additional reservations of that type will no longer be accepted once capacity has been met. Furthermore, the web reservation system will only show vehicles that are actually available. If a group of 20 is looking to travel and your 24-passenger vehicle is already reserved, the system will automatically up-sell and offer larger capacity vehicles.

Mobile Devices

Along with each HGTS Web Reservations Manager site you obtain, Hudson includes a version that is specifically designed for web-enabled mobile phones and tablets. Called iQuick, the screens and reservation process have been adjusted for optimal performance at smaller screen resolutions. With iQuick, your clients are able to reserve their next transportation need at any time and from nearly any location making it easier to do business with you and growing your company revenue.

Frequent Rider Programs

If you have one or more customer loyalty programs, Hudson will integrate this into your HGTS Web Reservations Manager, allowing your clients to continue accruing points toward future discounted travel or rewards.


No two ground transportation companies operate in the same manner. Hudson knows that your reservation system must be flexible in order to meet these varied types of operations. We also know that what works for you today may change tomorrow. We have built in the ability for you to manage and configure your site on-demand an on your own, providing you with ultimate control.

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