Charter Bus

Bus and charter operators need to keep their vehicles moving.

Fill seats, manage capacity and keep your vehicles off your lot and on the road!

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Ensure Capacity- Fill Every Seat

The needs of a company that operate mid and full sized motor coaches are a bit different from those of other transportation providers. If your vehicle is being used for a bus tour or charter service, your priority is ensuring that as many seats as possible are occupied. Your operating expenses are often higher (and fixed), and your success depends on ensuring that your vehicles are at full capacity without being oversold. HGTS tools help you make sure this is the case, every time.

Airports, Cities, Teams and Tours

Your buses may be providing line run services to an airport or major metropolitan area. University or professional sports teams may charter other motor coaches in your fleet. Perhaps you provide long haul transportation for performing arts or civic organizations. Still other coaches may provide historic bus tours for tourists or convention travelers. Regardless of your operational needs, your bus operator reservation and dispatching software must be capable of the same type of flexibility exhibited by your fleet. HGTS will allow you to view and manage your different client groups with ease and finesse.

When your fares are known, why not outsell the competition by allowing your buses to be booked online by clients? Hudson’s Bus Reservation and Management Software records over 2 million online reservations for its clients every year! Selling bus seats and tour bus tickets online is fast, secure, convenient and easy- your clients receive a boarding pass, web ticket or confirmation instantly. Online reservations flow immediately and seamlessly into your tour bus or shuttle bus reservation, dispatch and accounting systems while simultaneously preventing overbooking.

If you have drivers or guides who need to issue tour bus tickets in the field, Hudson has an array of mobile ticketing options including the ability to quote fares, book reservations, authorize or charge credit cards in real-time, as well as print tour bus tickets and boarding passes with bar codes from your vehicles. Our mobile solutions can be implemented curbside, at a ticket counter or with touch screen kiosks. All reservation information is uploaded instantly to the back office bus reservation and management system, allowing fleet managers and accounting staff to view activity and revenue in real-time.

When you have a vehicle carrying 30+ passengers, you want and need to know where it is at all times. Hudson provides state-of-the-art vehicle tracking and 2-way voiceless communication systems. Your fleet managers will know when vehicles are on schedule or if they encounter delays. They can also relay special updated instructions to the driver regarding an adjustment in itinerary or special routing requests. Track the pickup and discharge of passengers in real-time. Standardized or customized messages can be sent by drivers back to the office with the simple touch of a button or display screen, allowing them to keep their focus on getting passengers safely to their destination.