Technical Support

It's inevitable: Once you're a client, you'll have a question!

When you encounter a question, Hudson will provide you with a diverse range of solutions you can pursue. Whether you like to do things independently or prefer to talk with a real person, Hudson has you covered.

Technical Support

Hudson products are dynamic and constantly evolving. That's where our Technical Support and Systems Engineering Department comes into play. The Tech Support staff will assist with the implementation of the software, configure it to provide you with the information you need, and then help train your key personnel on how to operate and manage the various components. The Tech Support staff will also be your primary point of contact within the Hudson Group for routine questions regarding all Hudson Products. Through the wonder of current internet and communications technologies, our technicians can resolve the majority of support issues remotely and instantaneously. This saves you the expense and delay of on-site visits to your facility. Routine and Emergency Support are included in your monthly license fee. Unusual or excessive support needs, or issues outside the scope of Hudson products or services may incur additional support charges. You can request a copy of our support and escalation policy by calling or submitting a ticket.

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Client Portal

Current Hudson clients may login to the Client Portal and have immediate access to their current support history. You can view pending as well as resolved Technical Support questions. You can also see the status of any bridges or pollers that you have running and can monitor the status of your website, web reservation system and more. You will have access to your account profile and account members / delegates along with the ability to add and edit authorized account users. Hudson is continuously adding new features and functionality to the Client Portal - giving you a one-stop resource for all of your account needs.

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Self-Service Online Support

HGTS KnowledgeBase

You will find the answers to many of your routine questions in our online documentation. You can access Hudson Software KnowledgeBase through our Client Portal or by clicking: here

Follow Support on Twitter

Before you submit a ticket or call the support line, you can check to see if there is a known issue that is effecting the hosted clients on Hudson's cloud servers. Perhaps a 3rd party vendor has reported a problem to us and we have announced the issue via our Twitter account. Connection issues or email problems might already be known to Hudson Tech Support staff. Check the Twitter feed below to see if there are any updates that might apply to you before you call. While you are here, why not add @HGTS_Support to the list of feeds that you follow?

Chat with Us

Sometimes you just have a quick and simple question like "Where can I find a report on vehicle utilization?" or "Where can I find a KnowledgeBase Article on fare files?" When you don't want to call the Support team, you can submit your request to our technicians via our own Live Agent chat system. Look on this page for a link to start a Live Agent chat session. Nobody online at the moment? You can click the link and generate an email that will be forwarded to the support team.

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Phone Support

US: (001) 978-531-1115
UK: +44 20 3880 8740
These numbers will connect you to all Hudson Departments. For routine Technical Support questions, press option 2 (TWO) to access the Support Department. Then follow the Support options for support during business hours (press option 1 (ONE)) and a member of our support team will guide you to your answer.

Emergency issues... press option 2 (TWO) to access the Support Department and and then select option 5 (FIVE) 24 hours a day for After Hours Support; your call will be routed directly to the on-call support technician. In the event that technician is engaged on another call, you will be asked to leave a voice mail message. That message is instantly forwarded to all members of the Technical Support Staff and your call will be immediately replied to. The Emergency Support extension is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year. You will never be left without assistance when needed.

Additional Resources

HGTS Release Tracker

Staying on top of the latest enhancements, configuration changes, and bug fixes is easy. Hudson applications are being updated and revised continually. New versions or releases are always made available to current clients at no charge. We always want you to have the latest and greatest software available. When you want to know what is new in the latest release, or any previous release, visit the Client Center and click on the Release Tracker option.

Professional Services

Want to maximize the most of your HGTS investment?

Professional Services offers specialized technical consulting and support to maximize long-term strategic benefits to our current and future clients. Our goal is to help customers optimize their business and technical operations once they have engaged with us. The services provided are specifically designed to meet each customer’s needs, ensuring they gain the insights necessary to improve daily business functions. We provide our customers with resources that are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your HGTS investment.

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