Accounting & Administrative Tools

Turning reservations into revenue can be easy and secure!

The Hudson Ground Transportation System (HGTS) makes it quick, simple and safe to reconcile completed work. From invoicing to calculating driver payroll, your critical accounting needs are fulfilled.


After a client has been delivered safely to his or her destination, you need to reconcile the reservation and make sure that all appropriate fees are recorded and addressed. Once tabulated, you need to ensure that correct and total amount is collected, regardless of the preferred method of payment. This is where HGTS completes the process.

  • Invoicing
  • Receivables and payment tracking
  • Batch processing of credit cards pre & post travel
  • Profile performance tracking
  • Frequent user account and loyalty program performance


Administrator Application

This is the back end reporting and accounting tool of the HGTS system. Credit cards may be batched and submitted from the Administrator Application at any time before or after the date of travel. For your corporate accounts, detail reports are created and reviewed before printing customizable invoices. With comprehensive invoicing and receivables tracking, you know exactly where your business stands. For those that utilize their own accounting packages, Hudson supports third party integration with other providers. Plus with over 200 standard and comprehensive business report templates included, the Administrator tool allows you to see just how your business is operating and allows you to make informed decisions on how to best manage your operation.