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Tours and Activity Reservation Software: Rafts, Helicopters, Railroads, Riverboats, Charities, Theaters and More

If your business revolves around selling a service to clients or collecting a fee, Hudson Software can tailor its system to meet your needs. Hudson’s suite of customizable and configurable tour-ticket shopping cart software is being used to manage and promote such exciting ventures as whitewater rafting trips, scenic bus tours in New York City, helicopter excursions, IMAX™ theater experiences, and even charitable donations for an animal rescue shelter. Regardless of your operational needs, your reservation and dispatching system must be capable of the same type of flexibility exhibited by your business.

The complete end-to-end solution offered by Hudson Software allows for a shopping-cart booking philosophy into which travelers can put their purchases. Once the traveler has all of the items and options they wish to purchase, they can "check-out", using a single payment to buy all items in the cart. This allows an operator to sell tours, transportation services, tickets, and even merchandise on a single website. When the check-out process is complete, a comprehensive confirmation will be generated back to the traveler itemizing all the items that were purchased. Along with the confirmation, web tickets or boarding passes with bar codes can be included. When the confirmation includes several items that are arranged in time sequence, such as transportation to a tour facility, the tour activity itself and then return transportation, the confirmation will take on the appearance of a master itinerary. All confirmations, tickets, passes and itinerary templates are customized to meet your specific business requirement.

Your rates, times and offerings are available to customers, so why not take the next step in convenience by allowing your services to be booked online? Outsell your competition by connecting directly with your clients and simplify the transaction process. Hudson’s HGTS Web Reservations Manager records over 5 million Internet reservations for its clients every year! Selling services, seats, trips, tours and tickets online is fast, convenient and easy. Online reservations flow immediately and seamlessly into your reservation, dispatch and accounting systems while simultaneously preventing overbooking. Using one of Hudson’s approved credit card processors, only pre-authorized or prepaid reservations ever make it to your company!

If you are a business that needs to sell tickets or service orders in the field, Hudson offers multiple mobile ticketing options. Quote fares, book reservations or service / delivery appointments, authorize or charge credit cards in real-time, and print tickets, receipts and boarding passes from your vehicle! All this and more is handled easily from the field. All information may be uploaded instantly to the back office system, allowing office managers and accounting staff to view activity and revenue in real-time.

If you have delivery or service vehicles in the field, you need to know who is closest and can respond most efficiently to a customer. Hudson provides state-of-the-art vehicle tracking and 2-way voiceless communication systems. Your fleet and operations managers will know where vehicles are at any given time and can quickly direct drivers to the locations they are most urgently needed. Track the pickup and delivery of packages or other items in real-time. Standardized or customized messages can be sent by field staff back to the office with the simple touch of a button or display screen, allowing them to keep their focus on getting their assigned job completed. Your highly customizable Hudson system will be tailored to fit the flexibility of your service and your company.

Automate the ticket selling process by having touch screen kiosks capable of collecting payments and issuing tickets. These devices can be stationed at hotels, airports, train stations, visitor centers or convention halls- anywhere your prospects are likely to be. These revenue-generating devices can be used to create walk-up reservations and sales for either current or future dates. Dispatchers and drivers are notified that a passenger is ready to travel and vehicles can be routed accordingly.