Partner Networks

Strategic alliances and partnerships yield higher revenue for clients!

The Hudson Ground Transportation System (HGTS) makes it quick, simple, and easy to receive reservations electronically from a bevy of external reservation networks.

Strategic Alliances

Hudson Software has partnered with several strategic resources to help companies grow their business through increased exposure. The HGTS Bridge application can be configured in many different ways to both provide fare and vehicle information to external 3rd party reservation interfaces as well as import reservation data directly into your office system. Whether it is offering frequent flyer miles to you clients or importing reservations from your network of professional affiliations, the HGTS Bridge increases your exposure, your revenue opportunities, and your business efficiency with a single product. Take a look at some of the opportunities you will now have for expanding your market share. The following list shows networks and systems that Hudson Software has integrated with.

Reservation Exchange

  • Fare Harbor
  • Citadel Connect
  • City Fleet
  • Karhoo
  • GRiDD
  • Deem
  • Groundspan
  • Expedia
  • Wanderu
  • Emirates
  • NY Port Authority
  • WestJet
  • Flight Centre
  • Mozio
  • Shuttlefare
  • GO Airport Shuttle
  • BookIt
  • BostonCoach
  • RyanAir
  • Savoya
  • NetQuall

Integrated Technology Partnerships

Hudson has also allied with several technology partners to bring enhanced features and functionality to the HGTS suite. Hudson's requirements are stringent, resulting in only the best companies with the most reliable products being added to the HGTS suite. We would like to introduce you to those partners and some of the services they provide:

Frequent Flyer Programs