Dispatching & Fleet Management Software

Managing your business is pretty close to rocket science!

Bring all the components of your operation together and manage them with one robust system that will scale with your business.

Agent Application

The first component of your HGTS system is the Agent Application. This tool is used by your office staff to complete new order entry, as well as revise and cancel previously booked reservations. Profiles are stored and managed here as well, significantly expediting the order entry process. Profiles allow you to track client preferences, discounts, payment types, contact information and much more. Credit card authorizations and payments may also be processed in real-time, while the booking party is still on the phone with you.

  • Airports, Trains, Cruise Ships, Buses - 25 different supported services
  • Arrival, departure, hourly / as-directed, point-to-point, charters supported
  • Payment processing
  • Profile management system
  • One-way, round-trip, open returns
  • Multiple currencies supported
  • Foreign language confirmations

Airport Shuttle and Limousine Dispatch Software

What can best be described as a work flow and fleet management system, the Dispatch Application allows you to assign your internal assets (drivers, vehicles, communication devices, etc.) to each of your reservations. Reservations can be combined here to create trips; a grouping of reservations traveling from the same region, at the same time, to a common final destination. Hudson’s original business model was developed around the concept of shared-ride operation; an approach to ground transportation that maximizes revenue while reducing load on your staff and your fleet. Messages can be sent to drivers & vehicles from here, and return messages from the field may also be monitored. Maps can be viewed and printed, showing pickup and drop-off locations. If the vehicles are GPS enabled, vehicle location may also be tracked from within the highly configurable and customizable screens. Custom views of information contained in your database may also be created and accessed with the Dispatcher Application, and this information can be printed, emailed or exported.

  • Manage drivers and vehicles
  • One way and two way messaging
  • Voiceless dispatching
  • Vehicle location tracking and mapping
  • Customized data views according to job function