Professional Services

Delivering Turn-key Solutions to Ensure Customer Success

Harness the insight of an expert's perspective on how to best integrate technology into a transportation business in order to deliver improved operational efficiency.

Professional Services offers specialized technical consulting and support to maximize long-term strategic benefits to our current and future clients. Our goal is to help customers optimize their business and technical operations once they have engaged with us. The services provided are specifically designed to meet each customer’s needs to ensure they gain the insights necessary to improve daily business functions.

We provide our customers with resources that are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your HGTS investment. Professional Services delivers solutions based on Hudson's products. Our team has developed established best practices that we provide to every customer in delivery of an HGTS solution.

What types of assistance can Professional Services offer?

Our consultants are experts in designing and deploying solutions that solve real-world problems for ground transportation businesses. Our team is experienced in both domestic and international transportation operations using the complete suite of HGTS products.

We understand solving a business problem means understanding the environment in which the solution needs to work. Professional Services works with customers that have a range of complex challenges, including:

  • Coordination among an operations staff spread across multiple vehicle(s) and location(s)
  • Processing a significant number of transactions daily
  • Adherence to multiple regulatory statutes in different geographies
  • Need to be operational 24X7
  • Integration with existing application and technology infrastructure

The Hudson Professional Services implementation approach is designed to ensure that our solutions work successfully in the demanding environments they are deployed into and that customers have the knowledge needed to manage them. Here's a sample of how we can assist:

HGTS Systems Review

These types of engagements involve expert-level consulting from our experienced senior staff. We custom tailor our analysis to your business.

  • Our consultants will analyze your business processes and recommend changes to ensure you are getting the most out of your HGTS investments.
  • We perform end-to-end analysis of your entire HGTS system to ensure that it is optimized so you can achieve higher accuracy and throughput performance.
  • Designing a scalable system ensures that you maintain your service levels through normal load as well as unexpected peaks. Our consultants will help you design and configure your HGTS system to ensure it scales and you maintain your service levels.
  • Our consultants will work with you to ensure that your staff is equipped with the knowledge and best practices for maintaining your HGTS system. By following our best practices, you put yourself in the best position for keeping your system running at its highest levels.

Project Implementation and Approach

Our implementation methodology is based on industry standard approaches measured against the needs of our customers. Our methodology enables us to achieve consistent results and empower our client's to manage the solution moving forward.

Customers can engage with Professional Services in a full lifecycle implementation for smaller scale or larger-scale projects. Our process includes the following:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Solution design
  • Installation support
  • Solution development
  • System integration testing
  • User Acceptance testing
  • Go-live / production roll-out
  • Project management of Professional Services team

Clients who are interested in Professional Services are invited to contact or call 978-531-1115 (US), 44-20-3318-5152 (UK).