Maximize Efficiency, Increase Profitability, and Achieve Strategic and Operational Goals

HGTS Reporting Tools will help you gain insight into your ground transportation business, customers, operations, financials, and more by transforming data into tangible, meaningful results that will create a sustainable competitive edge.

Every reservation entered, every profile created, every driver, vehicle and employee that works for you are data points that the HGTS system compiles and stores. While most ground transportation software companies today have implemented the tools to master this craft, the real challenge is how best to take that data and transform it into tangible, meaningful results- results that will provide important insights into your business and create a sustainable competitive edge. The Hudson Group's reporting tools have been designed to not only build a library of historical data, but to take that information and then paint a comprehensive picture of your business operations - empowering you to make better, more informed business decisions.

Standardized Reporting

The Administrator Application is where hundreds of predefined reports reside. For nearly every report template selected, additional parameters may be enabled to further customize and define the scope of a report to your business. You can run reports against specific date ranges, historical or forecasted data, by reservations, by single or multiple locations, drivers, employees or vehicles. The possibilities are virtually endless. Each report contained within HGTS was the result of client feedback - designed for and by ground transportation providers.

A sample of report categories include:

  • Airports
  • Driver & Shift
  • Employees
  • Line Runs / Routes
  • Payments
  • Profiles
  • Reservation
  • Shift Revenue
  • Vehicles

Drilling down into some of these categories reveals multiple layers of subcategories with additional reports. All reports offer a "preview" mode providing you with a means of reviewing the data before printing or exporting the report in a variety of formats including paper, PDF, or CSV (comma separated values).

Customized Reporting

The HGTS Dispatcher Application affords you the ability to create custom views of data or "grids" on your own. These grids are real-time, spreadsheet-like views into your database that may be generated spontaneously for one time use or saved for future on-demand reference.

These custom reports may be constructed to meet the specific needs of an individual or a department. For example, a fleet manager may want to see all vehicles that are in service so that they can be scheduled for routine or preventative maintenance, while an operations manager may need to view all staff that are currently working (drivers and employees) in the field and back office. These customized views can be can be private or shared within an organization. Hudson has a series of downloadable training sessions that will show you how to build custom grids with ease.

As with standardized reporting, the information generated from a custom grid can be extracted, exported and printed on the fly in a variety of formats.