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The Hudson Group believes that an educated client is a profitable client. Staying on top of technology developments, security needs, hardware and software configurations, troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, etc. all work to keep your systems running and your vehicles on-time.We are continually updating our products and services and coming across industry trends and security advisories that we feel are important to keeping your business healthy. We send out TechTips to any client who wishes to receive it. These informal but to-the-point documents help keep your systems and your applications up to date. From 3 - 6 times per year, you can receive these via email. If you are not on our mailing list but wish to be, please sign up at the link provided in the left margin. If you are receiving TechTips but wish to be removed from our list, please feel free to remove your address on the same page.

While the most recent articles are listed at the top of the page, we hope you will take the time to browse through some of the older issues as well; they are filled with a great deal of useful information much of which never grows old!


Volume 8 Issue 2 — October 2011 October 2011: Version 1.93 of the Hudson Local System is released. Cloud Server Load Balancing deployed for Hudson’s hosted clients. The President’s View; business is looking up. Hudson releases version 2.0 of HWeb iQuick - web reservation application for mobile devices.

Volume 8 Issue 1 — May 2011 TechTips - Supporting you more today than yesterday ~ Bob Binney joins as Chief of Operations, Tracking your Troubles ~ The Hudson Ticket Tracking System, TechSupport Team additions: Megan, Ken, Joe & Shawn, Don Libby joins Hudson as Web Marketing Consultant.


Volume 7 Issue 2 — October 2010 TechTips EXTRA: Client Center v3.0 Released - The Hudson Client Center is a web based tool that your business client accounts can use to enter and manage their own reservations.. This one page TechTips EXTRA has 3 screen shots and a list of some of the key features in this new release.

Volume 7 Issue 1 — February 2010 TechTips EXTRA: iPhone Reservations with HWeb iQuick - Hudson clients with web reservation sites can now send their passengers a link that will allow web reservations to be made on iPhones and web-enabled iPod Touch devices. This one page TechTips EXTRA has 2 screen shots and instructions on how to determine the correct web link / URL for your clients.


Volume 6, Issue 5 — December 2009 TechTips EXTRA: Year End Updates - Hudson’s Gift to You! TOOLBARS: New Toolbar options explained, available in version 1.91. KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS: Ctrl + X keyboard combination in HWeb Agent replaced with Shift + Delete key combination. TRIP STATUS UPDATE in AGENT: Effective with version 1.90d of the local software, agents now click in the Trip Status field and then press the Space Bar to access the Trip Status Update dialog. Includes links to the Hudson KnowledgeBase with more information on the topics covered.

Volume 6, Issue 4 — November 2009 TechTips EXTRA: Save time with Hudson’s new web fare upload Tool. Effective version 2.73, you can now queue up several fare files and they will upload to the HWeb Reservation Manager automatically. This one page version of TechTips shows a couple sample screen shots of the data that is displayed. Contains links to KnowledgeBase articles with additional information.

Volume 6, Issue 3 — September 2009 Hudson Offers Professional Voice Services, Recent Additions: Duplicate Email Address Entry, Buttons and Tabs, Round Trip Cash, Portal Color Overrides; Fast User Tip- Quick Keys; Alert Corner: Online License File, Pop city Database Updated; Hudson Group on Facebook, Note-of-the-Day, Tracking Employee Time Shifts, E-Mail Verification in HWeb Reservations Manager, COLOR on Web Reservation Pages, Logical Date Toolbar.

Volume 6, Issue 2 — April 2009 TripIt Integration and partnership, Recent Additions: [Trip Affecting Change (Warning Evaluation Strings), Reservation Audits], New Calendar added to HWeb Reservations Manager, ALERT Corner: [Internet Reservations, Online Credit Card Processing], HWeb Reservations Manager gets a Face Lift (new “skins”), Q&A: What are Tech Support Credits, how are they used and where can I get them?, Hudson Celebrates First Decade, Got Comcast?, The Presidents View, New Servers & New Security.

Volume 6, Issue 1 — January 2009 HWeb Users Forum is Launched, Hudson Acquires AMT / ALERT, David Linforth Joins Hudson, Free 90 Day FlightView Upgrade, Recent Additions: Terms and Conditions added to Web System, Did Not Accept Added, Profile Merge Added, Profile Flags Added; SATrans sells IMAX tickets Online, Q&A: Can I export data from my system to a spreadsheet?, Presidents View.


Volume 5, Issue 8 — December 2008 TechTips EXTRA! ~ Hudson Support options review. Sent out just prior to Christmas and New Years Holidays, when Hudson business office will be closed. Covered: Routine and Emergency Support options by phone, email and Web Portal and graphics request forms.

Volume 5, Issue 7 — December 2008 TechTips EXTRA! ~ Hudson to sponsor (and join) New England Livery Association (NELA) Holiday Dinner Meeting. Meeting to be held at Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston MA starting 6:00 PM on December 8, 2008.

Volume 5, Issue 6 — October 2008 Web Services Bring Increased Revenue, Bill Faeth and Don Libby at LCT Eastern Conference, Adding “Notes” Text to Templates, Updating your Airlines.csv file, Including Map Points in your fares.csv, Employees 1 & 2 Now Supported, Assigning Affiliates from Dispatcher, Is Your System Stale?, Best Way to Reach TechSupport? Kowal’s Korner, Hudson Website - Favorite Links Page.

Volume 5, Issue 5 — October 2008 TechTips EXTRA! ~ Hudson to exhibit at 90th Annual Convention and Trade Show of the Taxi, Limousine & Paratransit Association to be held October 27-29, 2008 in Tampa Florida. Gifts are available. See newest features, enhancements and updates.

Volume 5, Issue 4 — August 2008 TechTips EXTRA! ~ Hudson to exhibit at Limousine and Chauffeured Transportation (LCT) Eastern Conference, at Mohegan Sun Casino, in Connecticut. Gifts and Prizes are available. See newest features, enhancements and updates.

Volume 5, Issue 3 — July 2008 Visual Routing, HWeb Systems Monitor, HWeb SafetyNet 2.0 Launched, Private Flight Tracking, Tabbed Grids in HWeb Dispatcher, User Access Groups, Farm Out Assign, New Hudson Phone Number, Hudson Email Solution, Redesign of Hudson Web Site, Hudson Welcomes Shaun Scafidi, Search Quick Keys in HWeb Agent.

Volume 5, Issue 2 — May 2008 TechTips EXTRA! ~ HWeb SafetyNet 2.0 is released. Overview of SafetyNet backup and emergency restoration service provided along with updates and enhancements included.

Volume 5, Issue 1 — March 2008 HWeb MDT’s (Mobile Data Terminals), Book with affiliates from within HWeb Agent, Updating Windows on workstations and servers, Recent Additions (AutoRouting for Point to Point reservations, Available service types increase to 25, Point to Point pricing flexibility depending on direction of travel), Adding command buttons to dispatcher grids, The Lighter Side (fact or fiction?), Hudson welcomes NationalExpress dot2dot, Hudson Welcomes Chris Castiglione - Kristen Florence - Rodney Lopez, Rich Sorrentino Promoted, What is an Open Return?


Volume 4, Issue 2 — April 2007 HWeb NetCast! Learn to build your own custom grids & how to import reservations, Welcome Bob Lentini, Senior Networking & Support Engineer, Multiple Monitors, PU Change warning.

Volume 4, Issue 1 — February 2007 TechTips EXTRA! ~ Preparing your Hudson Applications for the new Daylight Saving Time changes.


Volume 3, Issue 2 — November 2006 HWeb VIA Arrives! (Vehicle Information and auto-Location) , Recent web system enhancements, Reservations via BlackBerry, Recent Additions (Release Tracker, Global Token Tool, Net Sales Commission from Commission-able Fares, Fast-Res), Hudson Moves to Central Switchboard, Hudson Moves to New Office Space, Hudson Welcomes Yaron, Sherry, & Peter, The President’s View

Volume 3, Issue 1 — March 2006 Hudson Is Growing, Hudson exhibits at LCT show, Faster Imports, Hudson Loses a Friend, Automated License download, Flight Type Surcharge, Email/Fax HotKey, Add Note HotKey, edit DropOffTime, New Switchboard Number, Carey International, Hard Drive maintenance


Volume 2, Issue 3 — August 2005 Certified Site Security (Hacker SAFE by ScanAlert), Customizing Codes, Credit Card Notes, Custom Search Grid, Mobile Ticketing, Max Pax warning, Max Stops warning, 30 day advance Flight Schedule Lookup via FlightView, Version tracking

Volume 2, Issue 2 — April 2005 Custom Web Portals, Knights Airport Limousines celebrates 20 years, Flight View, HWeb Quick (Self Driver Check-in), Remittance Logo, Printing of Multiple Tickets, Use of %CELLFILTER% token in Dispatcher, Addition of “DOW” (day of week) to tokens, The value of web reservations, Avoiding Credit Card Chargebacks

Volume 2, Issue 1 — February 2005 EXTRA: HWeb Knowledge Base is Launched


Volume 1, Issue 8 — November 2004 De-fragmentation of Server Hard Drive, VNC for remote support management, Tablet PC’s, Archiving, Versions by System report, Exception tool added, New invoicing technology, Credit Card submission from HWeb Agent, Push-Pins added to Dispatcher Grids, President’s View, Quick Filters, Avoiding Credit Card Chargebacks

Volume 1, Issue 7 — August 2004 HWeb InfoView, Changing your ISP, Dispatcher Custom Menus, Web Tickets, Updating Fare Tables, Country in Addresses, Custom right-mouse options, “OR” filtering in HWeb Dispatcher, New Privilege report in HWeb Admin, President’s View, Expanded Development Team, Bar Coding

Volume 1, Issue 6 — May 2004 EXTRA: Payment Resources International (PRI) ~ Internet-based credit card processor

Volume 1, Issue 5 — April 2004 HWeb SafetyNet, Bugzilla - bug reporting system, Capacity Checking, Custom Web Portals, Disabling the minimize and exit buttons on grids, Codes table configuration, Multiple credit card merchants supported, Hard Disk Space, Branding of custom web portals

Volume 1, Issue 4 — March 2004 EXTRA: Debugging your End-Customer Browsing Errors (update to MS Internet Explorer)

Volume 1, Issue 3 — February 2004 EXTRA: HWeb SafetyNet ~ Automated database backup and disaster recovery system.

Volume 1, Issue 2 — February 2004 EXTRA: New Tech Support contact methods: Phone and Email

Volume 1, Issue 1 — January 2004 Compacting your Database, Employee Sign In-Out, Dispatcher auto-refresh, 18 service types, Faxing, 3rd Alternate Passenger type added, Pickup / Drop-off details added, Changing number of rows in Dispatcher Grids, Online Documentation, Locating your Build Number, Airport Connection - Paris, Recent Additions

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