Why choose HGTS over the competition?

We’ve built a ground transportation system that can be configured and scaled to perfectly fit and support your business strategy - giving you the competitive advantage you need to grow and succeed.

HGTS Web Reservations

Online booking system with secure credit card processing, custom portals and reservation management capabilities.

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HGTS Dispatching Software

Fleet and capacity management, vehicle tracking, order and customer profile management, and SMS messaging.

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HGTS Accounting & Reporting

Invoicing, account receiveables and payment tracking, batch processing of credit cards pre & post travel, and reporting tools.

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HGTS Mobile Solutions

In-vehicle Mobile Computing (vMDT) with GPS, mobile printing/ticketing, custom apps, mobile reservation system.

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Not Just Software... A complete and comprehensive integrated solution.

HGTS: Size Really Doesn't Matter!

Whether your fleet is ten vehicles or one thousand, HGTS comes in a single, scalable version. There are no trimmed down offerings that are missing key elements you may need for your business. Regardless of fleet size, you are getting a complete and comprehensive system customized to your precise requirements and business needs. Use only those components and features that matter to you! As business grows and your needs evolve, simply enable the additional functionality that is already in the system- there are no additional modules to buy or "bolt-on." HGTS is scalable, helping to not only nurture your business, but evolving with you as you grow as well. Our state-of-the-art ground transportation system is designed to manage all facets of a ground transportation business, from reservation and dispatch to accounting and reporting.

Custom-Configured to Your Business

When every feature, component, and enhancement is added to the HGTS suite, they are setup to be enabled or disabled by choice. In this way, Hudson creates custom-configurable applications- by enabling the things you want, and disabling the things you don't. The result is a system that is suited to fit your exact specifications.

Host Your HGTS in Hudson's Cloud

Access your system anytime and from anywhere with our popular Cloud computing option! One of the biggest obstacles facing many business owners is the daunting task of maintaining a current, secure and updated office network. Server hardware and backup equipment can be expensive to purchase and is often outdated before it is even a few months old. Networking software and hardware can be just as costly and even more confusing to install, configure and maintain. At Hudson, we understand the importance of total availability—not just in the systems that run the business, but in the people who take care of them. Our expert hosting team will configure your system and host it on our state of the art- PCI Compliant server network. You achieve 99.99% uptime, peace of mind, and access to your system from most any web-enabled device. Learn More


Hudson has an open API (application programming interface) that may be shared with outside 3rd party providers including airlines, travel agencies, and transportation networks. This means that you have more options and opportunities with how reservations come to you. Rather than taking emails and faxes from travel partners and keying them into your system, new reservations from travel partners flow electronically directly into your database, saving time and eliminating transcription errors. Learn More


How secure is your data? Alleviate any safety concerns with Hudson’s SafetyNet - a data backup and disaster management and recovery system. All your data is backed up daily and stored on mirrored backup servers in secure, disparate locations. Should your reservation or dispatch center experience any barrier to normal business operation (fire, flood, network outage, vandalism, etc.) SafetyNet will have you up and running quickly and easily on Hudson's hosted network of advanced servers. Learn More

Additional Options

Hudson developers continually release enhancements and additional features to the HGTS suite of products. Automatically look up flight schedules 180 days into the future when entering new reservations and track the status of arriving flights with our FlightView integration. Have reservations sent to you electronically and automatically imported from airlines, travel agencies and other transportation networks with our advanced Web Services integrations. Send reservations electronically to your affiliates with our sophisticated Reservation Sharing facility. We stay up with advances in technology to make our products better and make your business more efficient and profitable. Learn More

Professional Services

Want to maximize the most of your HGTS investment?

Professional Services offers specialized technical consulting and support to maximize long-term strategic benefits to our current and future clients. Our goal is to help customers optimize their business and technical operations once they have engaged with us. The Services provided are specifically designed to meet each customer’s needs to ensure they gain the insights necessary to improve daily business functions. We provide our customers with resources that are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your HGTS investment. Learn more

Airport shuttle operators take passengers who are being picked up in the same general region and are traveling to a similar destination, such as an airport, in comparable time frames. Multiple distinct reservations are combined by a scheduler and then assigned to a specific driver and vehicle. It can be a challenge to manage this process efficiently, reducing trips while still making as many bookings as possible. HGTS is the tool that Airport shuttle operators use to successfully maximize both efficiency and revenue.

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If you own buses or boats you have a significant investment in your fleet with high fixed costs. You need to ensure that your staff and hardware are well managed in order to ensure maximum revenue generation and profitability. HGTS provides the reservation, dispatching, communication and reporting tools necessary to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently.

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Corporate executives, bridal parties, prom attendees: Your clients may be varied, but they all have high expectations and unique demands when they contact you for transportation services. You have to know where your vehicles, staff and clients are at all times and your service must be flawless. HGTS allows you to coordinate and control your workflow, ensuring all the critically important details are attended to, each and every time.

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Whether you are selling sightseeing tours, white water rafting trips, or even helicopter rides, you need to sell as many tickets as possible in a variety of environments. Regardless of your location- in an office, hotel or convention center, a vehicle, at the airport, or even on the street, HGTS permits you to instantaneously create reservations, collect money, and issue tickets or boarding passes. All data is uploaded in real time to your back office so that you can easily manage high volume and last minute sales environments, all while preventing overbooking of vehicles.

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